Forget “Make America Great Again”, Trump’s New Slogan Is Hillary’s Worst Nightmare Come True!


Before we start with this story, I just want to ask you one simple question. Who is ready to see Hillary Clinton break down like a cheap Chinese computer?

Perfect! Because Donald Trump just revealed his brand new campaign slogan and it is LITERALLY gonna make the old Swamp Witch Clinton choke on her own words.

Introducing “Les Deplorables”!


Yep! Donald Trump has fully embraced Hillary Clinton’s blanket labeling of ALL Trump supporters as “a Basket of Deplorables” with this Hill-arious campaign slogan.

The slogan is a direct mockery of the popular Broadway show, Les Miserables. Trump even switched up his entrance song to the Classic Broadway theme in honor of this epic occasion.

Not only that. You can now get your own “Deplorables” hat from pretty much any Trump vendor.


So thanks for the new slogan, Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is never gonna let you live this one down. (H/T – Daily Mail)

I think all Trump supporters SHOULD be called “Patriots”, though, because that’s what you are. Now I ask all my fellow Deplorables to share this awesome new slogan all over Facebook so Killary cries herself to sleep tonight!