UNREAL: Rosie O’Donnell Now Accuses Trump’s Youngest Son Of Being Autistic


Is this the final straw?

Just recently, Rosie O’Donnell attacked Donald Trump’s deceased brother on Twitter — and now she’s turned her sights on the President-Elect’s youngest son Barron.

In a tweet, she belittles Barron by sharing a conspiracy video that desperately tries to make Barron appear to be autistic. Then she comments, saying, “Barron Trump Autistic? If so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

She’s never uttered a kind word about Donald Trump, so why would she be so nice in this post? Well, so she can get away with accusing the next president of having a mentally-ill son — even though he’s not.

Absolutely despicable.

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  1. ROSIE should not be trying to HURT and EMBARESS Donald by going after his son.. That is just the way she is, Rosie turn your hate off of a young kid…….. It just shows how Mean and Hateful you really are,,
    I will never ever watch any movie or anything you are in.. Hateful old has been sow, Try taking care of your own family and leave the Trumps alone,, GOD BLESS YOU BARRON AND IGNORE THAT HATEFUL WOMAN !

  2. So what!
    If he is autistic that is none of your business, Rosie O’Donnell!!
    Even though I’m happy Trump won, I too would be bored at 10 years old standing around there for adult stuff.
    And yes, making those faces, and looking around.
    Trump haters are going to criticize Trump, and his family until they see he IS the right choice.
    If they all move as they said, it would be a great day!

  3. Hmm. I’m a yuge Trump fan. He is America’s hero in my mind. I have posted tirelessly defending him in every way I could. However, I was not expecting what I watched on this video when I first clicked to read this over-sensationalized headlined article.

    Before we get mad at Rosie O, let’s imagine this entire video and article was done by someone else, or was done with great intentions out of love just as this video conveys imho. When I looked at this objectively, I saw a more loving motive but admit that due to the sensitive subject that it was invasive of the Trump’s privacy. I have a nephew who is autistic and his parents went through amazing upset of misplaced guilt and shame. If Baron Trump is autistic that is no reflection of anything other than he has some challenges ahead and so do his parents. There should be nothing held against Baron nor his parents. However, if they choose to keep this very PRIVATE matter from the public eye, shouldn’t we respect that?

    I do understand by the heartfelt video (minus the F’ing comments from one bully, that was too much to stomach for me but I watched it to the end), that perhaps autism is important to Mr. O’Donnel and perhaps this is the beginning of a truce between two very capable human beings who’ve had their feuding moments. Perhaps this will bridge the gap in getting along with each other as well as bring awareness to Autism.

    All I know is I cried, felt saddened for Mr. and Mrs. Trump as well as for Rosie’s own experiences. I may be going out on a limb but I am hoping for positive outcomes regarding this subject and their feud ending. Maybe they will even come together to advocate ways to end Autism, wouldn’t that be amazing!?

    God bless all our children whether Autistic or not. Baron is a fine young man as is my own nephew! I hope for the best regardless! 😀

  4. Guys, we need to stop the hate and ill-will. Perhaps she’s trying to make amends by finding common ground.

    I’m a yuge Trump fan and he called for unity so let’s try it on for a change and maybe we can see this Nation’s people on both sides turn their love on and their hate off. That’d be nice for a change.

    I do think she should have met with Mr. Trump privately in order to see about joining forces to end Autism. I don’t think public exposure is ever a good way to bring attention to a cause if it is one of this sensitive nature. That said, let’s hope for peace and goodwill toward one another. I just turned over a new leaf 2 days back so I’m no longer a pitbull when defending Trump. Let’s try giving both people the benefit of the doubt. 😀

  5. If you disagree with President-elect Trump Donald Trump, then under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, peacefully and legitimately protest in public about what you disagree with President-elect Trump. I have many disagreements with President-elect Trump, myself. But, I would never even sink as low as to attack President-elect Trump’s adult children, let alone the innocent boy, Barron Trump. Rosie, you have no sense of ethics and no honor. You are just as bad as Jane Fonda. How dare you attack an innocent child like this!

  6. I was so proud of Barron on ekection night…. Or rather MORNING. It was 4AM approx NY time when Donald gave his victory speech. Barron was trying so hard to keep his eyes open as he stood near his dad!!! Bless his heart! He has to be an awesome kid with a great mom and dad! Rosie, unlike Trump, evidently has problems with her own kids. Well, most of her problems must be in her parenting.