The Woman Whose Question Was Leaked To Hillary Is Pissed, Makes Move To Get Her Disqualified [Video]


A few days ago, wikileaks revealed that Donna Brazile was feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions before hand. “A woman with a rash … will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint,” she wrote to Hillary in an email right before her debate in Michigan with Bernie Sanders.

And that is exactly what she asked, and Hillary had an answer prepared. CNN has since cut ties with Donna Brazile, leaving us to ask. Why is Donna Brazile being fired and not Hillary Clinton?

The woman, Lee-Anne Walters really hates Hillary now. “I was disgusted by her answer and I’m even moreso now. I feel she should be disqualified because it gave her an advantage that she shouldn’t have had,” said Lee-Anne Walters.

Hillary answered Walters at the debate by saying she would have an “absolute commitment” to getting rid of lead everywhere. Lee-Anne Walters hated her answer at the time, saying it was a “cop-out.”

“She’d be in office for four years, not five, so how does that work?” Walters asked. How much do you think Hillary has cheated like this against Trump?